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At Punjabi Spice we offer creative Indian, dishes delivered right to your door. Punjabi Spice gives you an authentic selection of Indian. Punjabi Spice service is fast and the staff are very friendly. Try Punjabi Spice, where your sure to get wonderful food delivered straight to you.

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"Great Indian Food & Service"

Went in this restaurant by myself as Im a professional chef who loves to try out new places and found a relaxed atmosphere, gread food and competitive price. Had a dish called Lamb Ghost (steamed lamb on the bone cooked with northen indian spices) and it was very tasty well presented served with rice. If you like indian food and...More

"Punjabi cuisine across the street from METRO Hounslow West"

Indian & ethnic food are your very best bet for a healthy meal which doesn't cost a fortune. I've found UK prices from 20-40% higher than the same product in the USA with food, in a restaurant & staying in a hotel. However budget shoppers like myself try to be aware of the most reasonable prices for the best quality. None of the food I ever order is fried. The service at this restaurant was good...More

"Finally, Asian food in this area"

Was so desperate to find Asian food nearby the hotel (staying in Holiday Inn West Drayton). And found this restaurant. Just across from the nearest tube station from the hotel (forgot the name)...More

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